The Future of Nanoflows - is there a future?

Hi all, when nanoflows came up first I thought these are a great improvement. For once for client performance, avoiding unnecessary server roundtrips; on the other hand for offline apps. Now when Nanoflows came out it was a bit disappointing that these are lacking quite some features (List operations) - but from all ideas from the idea forum I was expecting some improvements there. Now we're at 7.17 and in the last 3 releases there have only been some minor fixes related to nanoflows. No improvements at all. What do you think? Do Nanoflows have a real future? Or aren't they worth it at all?
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Hi all,

Thank you for the feedback.

Indeed, we released a basic set of features for nanoflows, which was carefully selected and discussed with customers/partners. Please note that quite some customers are using nanoflows very successfully. We are aware that there are still features that our users will love/need. Unfortunately we cannot do everything at the same time, so we have to prioritize. That's why we released a this set so that everyone can already benefit from, and later add new features.

Currently, we are working very hard on the client like improving the datagrid and overall client. However, before the end of this year we will release great additions to nanoflows, so stay tuned! Nanoflows is and will be an important feature of our product and we will keep investing on it.

I hope this clarifies and that you can understand. Let me know if you have more questions or run into issues.




I am much more strongly interested in using Nanoflows in offline apps - and that's where the missing features really hurt. I'm just as confused as you are, why there weren't any improvements to Nanoflows in the last few releases. It almost feels like a prematurely released feature.


I think of nanoflows as a begin of "Mendix for Javascript driven modelling" and don't expect in the short term that it will become that big as it is now for Java driven modelling. Seen it will take a lot of resources and time, even with Siemens.


I DO encourage a "Mendix" for Javascript though and further advancement in nanoflows (javascripting)...I think it will fit in the vision of smart apps and Siemens, where each developer must be able to use his/her programming language of choice.


I do share the lack of further development and more stimulating/smart features in the modeler like indicators or so when you better could use (automatically) nanoflows etc. Because of this lack, it feels, to me, like that Mendix does know, but did not publish yet which direction it will go with Javascript.

This altogether keeps me "oldskool" developing MF's for the JVM. However, I do expect big changes in Mendix 8 and further, especially when you want to develop smart (web) apps, i would expect a non-compiled/interpreted app development solution...where Javascript is the answer for.