Help writing expression for an exclusive split!

Hello all,  I am having difficulties writing an expression for an exclusive split. My microflow has two input parameters, AssessmentLine and ControlAssessment, which have a 1-to1 relationship.  I would like to have an exclusive split based off of attribute values from both these objects. Currently, I have the expression written as so:   ($AssessmentLine/PSControlRequired = true) and ($ControlAssessment/PSInPlace = 'Partially meets' or $ControlAssessment/PSInPlace = 'Doesnt meet')   AssessmentLine/PSControlRequired is a boolean and ControlAssessment/PSInPlace is an enumeration. With this expression I receive an error that my enumeration is not compatible with type string. I have also tried referencing the enumeration directly by the following...    ($AssessmentLine/PSControlRequired = true) and (($ControlAssessment/PSInPlace/ICAT.ENUM_ControlInPlace.Partially_Meets) or ($ControlAssessment/PSInPlace/ICAT.ENUM_ControlInPlace.Doesn_t_Meet))   ...but I receive an error of 'mismatched input '/' expecting')'. Could someone please help me figure out what I am missing? Thank you in advance!
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Hey Elizabeth,

Try this for your expression: $YourObject/EnumerationAttribute = YourModuleName.EnumerationName.value

It can not match on string. But it can match on your enum. Just a bit of a different syntax.

Basically it's both of the things you tried, but merged together.