Login Form widget doesnt work in IE

The login form widget from the appstore doesn't work in any version of IE (see image below for error message) -- what can I do to fix it?   I need to build a custom login page, and was thinking of using this widget to do the job. However, if there's no way to get it to work in IE, then I'd appreciate ideas on how to build a custom login page without having to reinvent the wheel. TIA.
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Hi Sid,

I ran into the same issue and ended up using the default mendix log in widgets. The default widgets are easy to setup. Just add a login Id text box, password ID text box, and sign in button to the page.


If you want a forgot password link, you can use a microflow button rendered as a link and add it next to the sign in button.


Also here is a link to the authentication widgets in the documentation.



Hope this helps!