I want to forecast for the next 15 years and every year it has a different rise or fall

Hi, i want to forecast for the next 15 or 20 years and every year has a different rise of fall index. I already have the start value and i also know what indexes are for the 15 years. Only i don't know how to fix this   so what i want is: Sale of products in the year 2015 = 100 index for  2016= value 2015 *1,05 index for 2017= value 2016*1,10 index for 2018=value2017*0,95 index for 2019= value2018*1,20    
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Not completely sure on what you need but you could create objects for every year.

Create a microflow with a sale of product for year 2015 variable.

The create the object for 2015 with the sale variable

Change the sale variable for 2016 by multiplying with the index and then create the next obejct for 2016 the same as for 2015.

Now go on to the next change of the variable changing it by multiplying with the next index, and so on.

If you need this year over year, you could create an entity holding the years and the index retriev this sorted by year and loop through the values to create the objects for the different years.