Get the current page name

How can I get the current page name in a Microflow? Can I do it with a Java action?
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Hi Martin,

Have you seen this question?

Ronald's answer suggests to create a microflow for every page that creates a string variable with the page name and passes it to a sub microflow that will run the logic for the help text. 


Another way to do this is with javascript. You could create a non-persistent object with an attribute for page name, and in your script, create the object, set the value based on the page name and then execute a microflow with this object as a parameter.


As far as I know: Not at all.

This information is not passed to the server. What is your use case?


you can use below code within javascript snippet and use it with nanoflow to get current page name:

var x = mx.ui.getContentForm().path;
var y = x.split('/');
var z = y[1].split('.');
var pageName =  z[0];
return pageName;


you can test this code directly from browser console.