Adding new glyphicons

Hi,  can anyone tell me a clear and detailed list of steps to follow to add a new set of glyphicons to a mendix app. I've tried using this guide But it isn't clear exactly which files to add the text to and where those files should be placed and I'm just getting a blank space where I'm expecting to see the icon when I add the class to a button. Thanks    
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Thanks, that's what I've ended up doing but they tend to look awful if I need to enlarge them etc. There seems to be a way to do it using a font file and classes but not enough info around for me to get it working.


Hi Paul,


You can add glyphicons using the images page that comes with the first module in your project. 


In the top bar is where you can click new and import them from your computer



Heres a link to a site where I get most of my custom glyphicons