Multi tab single page application

I am in the situation where our application needs multiple tabs each working independent of the others. The main menu should open a new tab and display its contents, for example a list of customers User should be able to click another menu item on the main menu like suppliers, this should be opened in again a new tab Ideally editing or adding a new customer should also open a new tab   The above UX will work as a 'real' application where user will be able to open multiple customers and switch between them.   Is this possible ?
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Hi Martin,

You need to take the following 2 steps:

  1. Create a link for the page.
  2. Open the page via a link, instead of direct navigation

This can be done as follows:

  1. Add a URL to the page to be opened. This can be done in the page properties. You only need to specify the page name. The full UL will be [AppURL/p/[PageName]
  2. You can configure navigation items, to open a link. These will be opened as new tab in the browser. When you specify the link /p/[PageName] then the Rot URL of the app will be used + page link.

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Base UI would be like shown here. 

From the customers list opening a customer would open a new tab with the edit page for that customer. User should be able to close the tab when done but is also able to view another customer.

Does this explain the situation enough ?