onclick event for each item in list view

I have created a list view and also able to open a single page on clicking any item in the list view. But, I want to open different page on clicking different item in list view.
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It depends a little on what exactly you're trying to do. If the entities in your listview have a differentiating attribute that defines what kind of page you want to show, you could simply use a split in the on-click microflow that opens a different page based off this attribute.


You need to edit the "Click action" microflow setting for the List View, and make sure you pass the Person entity into the microflow as a parameter. Then you can pass it to the page that you plan to open. The option you're looking for is here:

alt text


Hi Dinesh,

If I have got you right, I think you want to open different pages when you click on attribute a, b, c or d? You can do that by using action button and render it as link. In the setting as shown below you can select on Click as show a page and then select the page which you want the user to go to when he click on that attribute. For the caption you can use attribute as shown in the image below.

Hope this might solve your problem!

alt text