Escape special characters in JSON response

I'm using a JSON export mapping for the response of my published Rest service. The response is serialized using an  Export With Mapping action. Unfortunate the serialization does not escape characters like ", \ and line breaks. The serializeObjectToJson call from the REST module does escape characters, but I cannot use this because I will not have any control over the mapping. The only solution I see now is to call a microflow for each string attribute I want to include in my response. Do I miss something and is there an easier solution? Or will the ExportWithMapping action be changed in future Mendix versions so that it generates valid JSON in all situations?
2 answers

I don't know where this was fixed, but in Mendix 7.3 it properly escapes " and \


In the old REST module you had the Java action urlEncode so you could urlEncode the string before passing.