Adding a product to an orderlist

Hi,  I am making an application to order products. When you are looking at a certain product and you want to add that to an orderlist/wishlist, you have to click on the add to orderlist button. This button calls a microflow. The object to pass is the product that must be added to an orderlist. The microflow retrieves the orderlist names. It shows a pop-up page, on this page you have to select an orderlist name so the product will be added to a certain orderlist. The product has to be added to the 'orderlist_has_product' in the domain model. I can't figure out why I cannot select 'orderlist_name' in the reference selector in the pop-up page. The modeler says that I need the same entity to pass as the pop-up page, so entity 'Product'.    I hope you can help me! Thanks in advance.   With kind regards,   Kubra Kasirga
1 answers

In the microflow open a page with a dataview for the product.

Add a reference for the order in the domain model.

Add a reference selector with a datasoource microflow.

In the microflow retrieve the orderlist.

Now after selecting the order from the list add a custom save button to process the product and the selected order further.