Breakpoints in the after startup microflows are ignored

This morning we noticed that setting breakpoints in the after startup microflow are completly ignored. I checked Mx6.9.1 to Mx6.10.2. Will send bug report to Mendix because this should not happen.   Regards, Ronald [EDIT] Ticket 48047
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Please note that this is not so much a bug but a side effect of way the modeler builds the runtime. This is not a new phenomenon: the debugger has never been available until the runtime has been fully started.

That means that a) this is not a minor fix but rather a major overhaul of the way the runtime is built and b) this would be considered a feature request rather than a bug. Your best bet at getting it implemented is gathering support in our idea forum, which Mendix uses to determine the most popular features to add to the roadmap. 


If you need to debug it, temporarily take it off the configuration and stick it on a button. Then you can debug it.

We put plenty logging in the afterstartup mf so usually looking at the log will tell where it went wrong.