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Hi, I'm trying to sort an associated list in a microflow. In short: I retrieve an Enquete from the database. Then I retrieve the QuestionList (the associated list of the Enquete entity). Next I Sort the QuestionList. After that I change the QuestionList on the Enquete object with the new 'SortedQuestionList'. The debugger shows the 'ExistingQuestionList' with the original list at the end of the microflow. The SortedQuestionList shows the questions sorted correctly. However the Enquete.Enquete_Question association wasn't update with the SortedQuestionList at "Change 'Enquete' (Enquete_Question)".  Microflow:   Am I doing something wrong? Isn't this the correct way of sorting an associated list?   Thanks.
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Why do you not use the head function to pass the first question from the sorted list? See documentation here