run apk file to access my machine URL

How to run my .apk file to access my local server on the development environment instead of the one on sandbox. I tried by changing the URL in the index.html of the file by setting mxapp.initialize = my machine URL but it is not working after installation .apk file in the mobile giving me : A connection error occurred (). Please try again later.
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Hi Mohammad, Check first under project settings > configurations > Your config > Server

That you have, runtime port security set to open to other machines. Also check your device is on the same network as the machine running the Mendix application.

Additionally if you have usb debug for your device you can use Google Chrome to debug the application. This could also reveal to you which URL your application is trying to access. To access this ensure you have the USB debug setup on your computer and enter chrome://inspect into your browser URL. Within the debugger you can also manipulate the JavaScript which you could use to do something like run the command.

window.location(your url)

Hope this helps & good luck.


Did you rebuild the apk after changin the URL in the zip file?