How to set default captions on for example new buttons, when using other language than nl_NL / en_US

For a UK project we have set the default language to enUK (copied texts from enUS to enUK and then removed enUS as a language from the project) Now every time when we for example add a default button like a 'new' button on a datagrid, we get the caption on the button as <new> , indicating there is no default caption for this language, and it is using the en_US label. I understand default captions are just available for certain languages (nlNL and enUS). But preferably we would like to be able to set default captions for the en_UK language, so you don't have to change the label every time. Is there a way of setting these default captions (like you can with the system texts) that I'm overlooking?
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Unfortunately there is no way of setting the default captions for data grid buttons. It sounds like a nice feature though to have these captions as system texts. Could you file a feature request for that?


You can copy all texts from en_US to en_UK.

Develop in US english and copy the texts in the before deploying to UK english.