List Operation Filter based on attribute string match

Hi All, Is there any way to filter a list based on the attribute string match ? e.g. the attribute value is 'abcdef', I want to filter out that object if matches the passed string value. In this case if I pass 'abc' it should give all the objects in which the attribute value contains 'abc' in it. Like '%abc%'. Please help me if this can be done ? Thanks, Bhola
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You could solve it in a microflow like this (using the contains function):

(make sure to replace FileDocument with your object type and the attribute Name with the attribute you want to check)

alt text


You can use the 'List Operation' and select 'filter', but it can only be used for matching an exact value at the moment. For something more advanced I think you'd have to write a Java action for now. Perhaps you could file a feature request too.