IFrame widget in Mendix 5

I don't the IFrame widget to work in Mendix 5. When opening the page with the IFrame widget I only get to see the standard Mendix Progress message and Progress indicator, but nothing else happens. The Progress message doesn't disappear. Any clues on how to get it running correctly?
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Iframe widget is broken for mx 5

I have an update that works!

download from dropbox



I get the same result for the iFrame widget when there is no URL in the attribute of the enclosing entity for the widget. Try creating a page without the iFrame widget where you can ensure that the URL attribute is populated. Then create a separate page that opens the URL in the iFrame widget. Hope this resolves your problem.

If so, you could create a microflow that checks the URL attribute before opening the page. This would prevent users from seeing the progress message you did.