App store Widget: Audio Video Playback (Play audio & Video from Mendix file system,Absolute URL,Embeded video/media such as Youtube and Vimeo)

Flock of Birds has updated the Audio Video Playback to 2.0 AudioVideoPlayBack is a Mendix widget built on top of Jplayer . Download from the appstore now and also You can download a sample Mendix application using the widget from Here It allows you to play and control media files in your mendix app. create a consistent interface and experience across all browsers. The following Jplayer features are integrated in 2.0 Start Autoplay Show user interface Start Full Screen Loop Height of the player Width of the player Jplayer Theme class Play Video from Youtube Play Video from Vimeo Player Media from an absolute URL This forum post Will be used to communicate future updates and also incase you have other suggestions dont hesitate to comment.
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