Use boolean value in string

Probably a very simple question: how do I use the value of a boolean in a string? I want to keep track of changes and make this human readable, so the result should be 'Old attribute value: false; new attribute value: true' I tried toString, but that only works for Float, Integer, DateTime or Enumeration. I tried simply 'Old attribute value: '+MyEntity/MyArgument+'; new ...', but then I get the error that it should be of type Integer, Float or String Thanks.
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You will need to use some conditional statements, if you are setting an attribute value in a change activity in a microflow, it would look like this:

if OldAttributeValue = false then

   'OldAttributeValue: false'


   'OldAttributeValue: true'

If you want to have old value combined with new value, you'll need to use nested if then statements.

If you are building a string variable in your microflow, you could accomplish the same thing with Exclusive Splits

Hope that helps.



You could use an 'if' statement, saying that if the boolean is true, then the string should 'true'.