Tooltip doesnt appear a second time

A tooltip is only shown one time, when your mouse a second time moved over a trigger column, the tooltip doesn't appear a second time. But a wait / in progress icon appear. Close the form and re-open it than the tooltip is shown again ( only once offcourse ) It is not browser dependent. I tried with IE11, Chrome and Firefox.
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I have tried to reproduce this but could not. This is what I did:

  • Create a new project based on the 'Blank' template
  • Go to the Account_Overview page
  • Set the 'Show tooltip' property of the 'Name' column to yes.
  • Set the 'Tooltip page' property of the grid to the Account_Edit page.
  • Run!
  • In both recent Chrome and Firefox browsers the tooltip appears every time I hover over the Name column. I've tried it more than ten times.

Is there something special about your tooltip page? Does it contain custom widgets, for example?