Session life difference on tablet vs laptop

Client is experiencing a strange phenomena: when logged into the app on a laptop the user will stay logged in (almost indefinitely), even when you "pop" a PDF reader from inside the app. on the tablet this however seems to be a different proposition. Same action, open a form which allows you to view a PDF and pop the PDF in a seperate window (using basic Mendix functionality). After 10 minutes of reading (and believe me, some of their PDF need that and longer!) the session appears to time out (as per evidenced in the Log) and when switching to the app user is forced to login again. Clarifications. suggestions?? All help welcomed!
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The laptop browser probably keeps mendix on 'in the background' whereas tablets really open a new app, thereby suspending the browser. You need the mendix app to keep running to keep sending keepalives. You can fiddle around with the keepalive settings to solve this.

see the m2ee-tools documentation or platform portal settings page: settings page on the platform portal