Version Control - Resolve conflict replaces parts which are not conflicting.

I've merged my changes to the main-line, and I got conflicts. When I try to resolve the conflicts, Mendix gives me the specific area where the conflict arose (by double clicking on the conflict). However when I resolve the conflict with the correct change, even areas on the same page which didn't conflict are replaced. I would have expected only the parts which were conflicting on the form/page to be replaced instead of the entire form. How can I over come this merging nightmare? Mendix is literally forcing me to redo all my entire page even for parts which are not conflicting just because they're are on the same page!
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Am afraid that is how mendix works at the moment. Mendix recommends pushing changes constantly and sharing your code with the people you work with with. I guess this can avoid some of the issues you are running into.

I also guess that Mendix version control is not yet mature enough. The ideal situation would be to have tags on the Forms and may be on all other files such as the model too so that someone does a comparison