New Community Edition (April 10th, 2014): What is a sandbox? Should I worry about not having Test-Acceptance-Production?

Hi, The new Community Edition has unlimited Sandboxes, but no "Full TAP (Test, Acceptance, Production) Environments per App". What does this mean? That I only have one environment per application and that I have to run my app in the same environment where I'm developing? (Seems reasonable.) What is a sandbox? Is it the environment where each application is running? Can one application run in more than one sandbox? If one sandbox uses webservices of another sandbox, when a sandbox enters the sleep mode, does it stops serving the requests as well? Or does a request wake a sandbox?
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A sandbox is basically just a cloud node with some limitations. Indeed you won't have a full DTAP street, but you can of course still deploy locally for development. It's not really intended for full-blown enterprise projects.

One application has one sandbox. If you're working on an application with multiple developers and they all want to deploy to the sandbox, this will be a bit of a constraint.

Updated: Yes you can publish web services but the application will still go to sleep so there's not much point.


You can find an explanation about what a sandbox is on our FAQ page here: