When typing the text goes suddenly from right to left

We have a strange problem we are not able to reproduce yet. From a customer we have now several incidents that when they enter text the text goes from right to left, so when typing for instance this it will come out as siht (punn intended). We do now this only happens when they just before did some copy paste some text from Word into Mendix (but in another field). We also know that the autogrow widget is on this form and our gut feeling says that this widget might be the cullprit (because with the latest release we added this widget and had no complains before). Anybody else ever seen this? Regards, Ronald
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Is it possible to move to Mendix 5? The autogrow widget is no longer needed there, you can set a text area to grow automatically.

I've never used this custom widget myself but it seems likely to be causing the issue if that's the only thing that got changed.