No operations visible in a Consumed Web Service

I encouter a problem in importing a wsdl in a Consumed Web Service component. First I experienced some errors like: 'Type of element 'parameters': Not supported in Domain-to-XML mappings.' I thought to have found the solution for this errors (the use of minoccurs="0", 'any element' etc') and changed the referenced xsd. But now I encounter another issue: now I have a Consumed Web Service without an visible operation as result of the import. Although the used wsdl and xsd are both valid XML-documents, I recon there is still something wrong in one or both files. I appriciate some help in this matter! The wsdl and xsd looks like below (some elements are for obvious reasons replaced by xxxxxxxx): <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <xs:schema xmlns:xs="" xmlns:ns1="" targetNamespace=""> <xs:element name="opvragen_woonplaatsen_request"> <xs:annotation> <xs:documentation>Opvragen woonplaatsen</xs:documentation> </xs:annotation> <xs:complexType> <xs:sequence> <xs:element name="rolcode" type="xs:string" minOccurs="1" maxOccurs="1"/> </xs:sequence> </xs:complexType> </xs:element> <xs:element name="opvragen_woonplaatsen_response"> <xs:annotation> <xs:documentation>Geeft gevonden woonplaatsen terug</xs:documentation> </xs:annotation> <xs:complexType> <xs:sequence> <xs:element name="parameters" minOccurs="1" maxOccurs="1"> <xs:complexType> <xs:sequence> <xs:element name="rolcode" type="xs:string"/> </xs:sequence> </xs:complexType> </xs:element> <xs:element name="woonplaatsen" minOccurs="1" maxOccurs="1"> <xs:complexType> <xs:sequence> <xs:element name="woonplaats" maxOccurs="unbounded"> <xs:complexType> <xs:sequence> <xs:element name="landcode"> <xs:simpleType> <xs:restriction base="xs:string"> <xs:maxLength value="2"/> </xs:restriction> </xs:simpleType> </xs:element> <xs:element name="woonplaats" type="xs:string"/> </xs:sequence> </xs:complexType> </xs:element> </xs:sequence> </xs:complexType> </xs:element> <xs:element name="technisch" minOccurs="1" maxOccurs="1"> <xs:complexType> <xs:sequence> <xs:element name="dbuser" type="xs:string"/> <xs:element name="dbname" type="xs:string"/> <xs:element name="dbtime" type="xs:dateTime"/> </xs:sequence> </xs:complexType> </xs:element> <xs:element name="fout" minOccurs="1" maxOccurs="1"> <xs:complexType> <xs:sequence> <xs:element name="code" type="xs:string"/> <xs:element name="omschrijving" type="xs:string"/> </xs:sequence> </xs:complexType> </xs:element> </xs:sequence> </xs:complexType> </xs:element> </xs:schema> <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <wsdl:definitions name="rs_opvragen_woonplaatsen" targetNamespace="" xmlns:tns="" xmlns:inp1="" xmlns:wsdl="" xmlns:soap=""> <wsdl:documentation> <abstractWSDL>http://xxxxxxx:8003/soa-infra/services/default/SOA-065_opvragen_woonplaatsen!1.0/rs_opvragen_woonplaatsen.wsdl</abstractWSDL> </wsdl:documentation> <wsdl:types> <xsd:schema xmlns:xsd=""> <xsd:import namespace="" schemaLocation="!1.0*soa_058e04d0-ee43-4aa9-93fd-ec6a76e1a6de/rs_opvragen_woonplaatsen?XSD=xsd/SOA-065_opvragen_woonplaatsen.xsd"/> </xsd:schema> </wsdl:types> <wsdl:message name="requestMessage"> <wsdl:part name="opvragen_woonplaatsen_request" element="inp1:opvragen_woonplaatsen_request"/> </wsdl:message> <wsdl:message name="replyMessage"> <wsdl:part name="opvragen_woonplaatsen_response" element="inp1:opvragen_woonplaatsen_response"/> </wsdl:message> <wsdl:portType name="opvragen_woonplaatsen_ptt"> <wsdl:operation name="opvragen_woonplaatsen"> <wsdl:input message="tns:requestMessage"/> <wsdl:output message="tns:replyMessage"/> </wsdl:operation> </wsdl:portType> <wsdl:binding name="opvragen_woonplaatsen_pttBinding" type="tns:opvragen_woonplaatsen_ptt"> <soap:binding transport=""/> <wsdl:operation name="opvragen_woonplaatsen"> <soap:operation style="document" soapAction="opvragen_woonplaatsen"/> <wsdl:input> <soap:body use="literal" namespace=""/> </wsdl:input> <wsdl:output> <soap:body use="literal" namespace=""/> </wsdl:output> </wsdl:operation> </wsdl:binding> <wsdl:service name="rs_opvragen_woonplaatsen"> <wsdl:port name="opvragen_woonplaatsen_pt" binding="tns:opvragen_woonplaatsen_pttBinding"> <soap:address location="!1.0*soa_058e04d0-ee43-4aa9-93fd-ec6a76e1a6de/rs_opvragen_woonplaatsen"/> </wsdl:port> </wsdl:service> </wsdl:definitions>
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What Mendix version are you using? If I save your example texts to an xsd and wsdl file, and fix the namespaces, I can import the wsdl into mendix 5.2.0 and 4.7.2 just fine. I get a webservice with a single operation "opvragen_woonplaatsen".

Fixing the namespaces should not be necessary in your originals, if they are valid WSDL/XSD/XML. I just did that to handle your anonimisation of the URLs. If you are using Mendix 5.2.0, and cannot import the originals, I would suggest filing a support ticket with the original files if you don't want to post them here online.


I use the 5.2.0 build 1371.

The XML and WSDL are valid XML-documents, but I still get no operation in the popup 'Consumed Web Service ....' after importing the wsdl by url.

I tested with three webservices of different sources, and I got three different results...

  1. the webservice of this question: I get no operation in the popup mentioned.

  2. a webservice of w3schools ( which is doing all the things I expect it to do within the modeler (also on runtime).

  3. a webservice of, of which I get the operations, though I'm not yet succesfull in running it

I think I follow your suggestion, in filling a support ticket.

Thank you anyway!