Mendix 5.2.0: data grid displaying deleted data

In Mendix 5.2.0, I use a data grid that retrieves data from the database. One of the columns displays an attribute from a referenced entity. Now on the first row the cell of this column is filled and on the second row it is empty. When I delete the first row and the data of the second row moves up, the cell in the first row is not empty, but still shows the attribute value that belonged to the deleted object. After refreshing the page in the browser this is resolved. However, I tried using a custom delete microflow where I refresh in the client as I delete, which did not help me. This only occurs in columns that display attributes of an associated entity. It occurs in all projects that I use in 5.2.0 but does not occur in other versions of the modeler. Does anybody have the same issue, or does somebody know the cause of this? Thx!
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It's a refresh problem. I encountered the same thing. When inspecting with Chrome you'll see that the data is correct, only the datagrid isn't properly refreshed. I created a ticket for this, which is accepted and hopefully fixed soon.