File conflict preventing commit

Hi, During my last update I received a warning that a certain file in the theme folder (.zip package) was conflicted. Exact error message: The following files are conflicted: [path-to-file]. I was unable to resolve this. Even if I browse the repository from SVN, nothing strikes me as wrong that could cause this conflict. I even ended up downloading a copy of the the theme package from the repository, but to no avail. Whenever I want to commit to the repository I get the error message that "One or more files are conflicted. Please use TortoiseSVN to resolve these conflicts." Can anyone help me out? (removing the file also didn't work)
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Without walking you through it, the easiest thing to do would be to open your modeler, open a project, through team server, point it to a new folder location and open it. Then replace the .mpr, theme, etc from the other folder. Once done, delete the first folder.


That did the trick. Thanks a lot!


I just renamed the file , update , commit, thats it.