Progress bar widget update

Hi, I have a microflow which processes data and that takes a few minutes. The standard progress bar is not a real progress bar; it is a bar but little progress. The appstore has a progress bar that can do the job, so it seems, but it GUI updates to change the progress bar are not done while the microflow runs. And the refresh GUI option is enabled. Should it work for my case or is it only useful as an indicator to tell where you are in a multi-step process? In case it should work, what is the best practice to make it work? Regards, Paul
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I did some tests and it seems that the screen refresh is being optimized. So in a loop type of flow that will set the progress integer every so many times and does a screen refresh, only 1 refresh is visible. So IMHO the bar is only to be used in a, as you call it, multi-step process and not as a progress bar like you want it to be. Probably need to create a new widget for that, or as you do not know the time it will take use the standard progress bar for microflows?