Mendix and Bizzdesign

While investigating BPM in combination with Mendix I found this thesis which discusses a integration between BizzDesign and Mendix: A quote from page 110: "In parallel to this research, an export was created to have processes from BiZZdesigner be mapped to Mendix, but not directly to microflows. This was done using an XPDL export in BiZZdesigner, while having a new view called “Process View” in Mendix to support the import. An explanation including an example is provided in Appendix A for more information." I'm very curious what happened to this Process View because it's not available within the modeler. Can anybody tell me if this was a (failed) experiment or if it's still possible (Mendix 4.x) to integrate BizzDesign (or another BPM tool) and Mendix.
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There once was an experimental XPDL importer in the Modeler. This experiment was not continued and was for internal use only. There are no plans to reinstate this functionality in the near future.