Writing a plugin/module for testing, any feedback required.

I am busy with my Honours in Computer Science, where I have a choice of topics for a year project. http://www.cs.up.ac.za/courses/HON012 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Code_coverage#Coverage_criteria I am leaning strongly towards "Tool-Support for Software-Testing" as my choice of topic, go read the topic description and subsequently the wiki page "coverage criteria". My ultimate question is: is there a way to directly write a plugin for the modeler/IDE ? Alternatively, perhaps a deal breaker, would be to create an app/module set that allows you to execute your tests from the Client side, resulting in coverage metrics/graphs. I am short sighted in the respect of having experience using coverage tools, but not writing them. After reading up on yacc/bison and other syntactic tools I also sit with the question of how would one intersect the interpretation of microflows. Any answers/insights/opinions are welcome. Edit (closing): I have decided to do my honours testing tool project for javascript as an IntelliJ plugin.
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It might be able to hook into the debugger api, which triggers breakpoints if set anywhere. Furthermore you can retrieve a lot of runtime information by hooking into the Core.registerProfiler


I would appreciate a plugin functionality for the Modeler as well, but it is not available.

There is no option to do code coverage in Mendix, because the microflows are interpreted by the Mendix runtime, which has no API do to code coverage. It should be nice if Mendix itself should supply this.

Not so much possibilities from my point of view.