WHat is MXmodel reflection and why do we use it? PLease explain me in your words , do not post the link of mendix docs.

Hi experts, i was going through MXModel reflection doc on mendix but I could not understan what exactly is mxmodel reflection and why do we use it. Can any one please explain me in theire own words please?
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hii Harsh Bhanushali,

mx model reflection is a marketplace module.

And why we use it.

firstly understand the scenerio ,

lets take a example : you have to import the data into a entity from excel file.

In this case you will have to access the columns of the entity to map with you excel sheet data  so you can insert right excel column data into right column of your entity.

so in this type of scenerio we need to access our entities into our overview pages for mapping so Mx model reflection module allow us to access our module entities and microflows usage on overview pages. 


if you have still any doubt why we use mx model reflection kindly comment here.



sanjay kushwah


Hi Harsh,

Mx modelreflection contains a lot of logic to make the running app aware of it’s domain model (database), and it’s logic (microflows,...)

This can be usefull for other modules like the excel import or export module where you want attributes of your entities in the export or import. The templates these modules use can be configured at runtime (in the app itself) and therefore the runtime needs to be aware of all the info about the domain.