Change the sort order in Database

Is it possible to manipulate the order in which objects are stored in the database? I know that by default Mendix stores the objects in the database in order of the id and this obviously can't be changed.  I know that I can sort in the page or in a Microflow, but I would like the do this on database level. For instance, I would like to store them in order of creationdate, descending. Or something similar.  Is this possible?
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Yes you can create an index, when opening an entity in the index tab. Here you can set the order an entity is saved in the database. Know that when you have an index, creating objects take more time. But with a lot of data and a lot of retrieves this can make the application a lot faster!



How/in which order the data is stored in the database is controlled by your database server. When you retrieve data it can happen that all data is coming from am index (and not from the table). In this case the order can be different (compared to the order in the table)