Error while opening deep link - specific users

Hi All,   We have a deep-link configured that has an input parameter Submission. It has an unique ID. There are two types of users that can access this deep-link via a URL redirector from a different application. Lets say A and B   The problem is that for some of users in type B, we are getting the generic Mendix error.    Not found:/link/openSubmission/54920 The requested object does not exist or you (*email address of user*) do not have the permissions to view the object.   The relevant log message I can see is    WARNING - DeepLink: While serving deeplink 'openSubmission', the object Module.Submission.UniqueId for value '54920' was not found   When we query the DB, we can see the same object and also other users of type B can also open the page and A can access the page as well.   Please let me know your thoughts   Edit: All users of the same type have same security rules to access the object   Thanks in Advance,
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