mx-agent is deprecated, but where is it used?

Hi all,   Since Mendix 9.12 we get log messages stating 'Detected that mx-agent is used, which is deprecated. Use the Core.metrics() API instead’. So I started looking where mx-agent is being used by deploying for eclipse and then searching through the code using Visual Studio Code. However, I can not find a single occurence of mx-agent (or MXAgent as it is spelled in Mendix documentation). Does anyone know where these log messages are coming from?
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I had the same issue with the mx.logger and found a topic where you have to change the logging so that you can see the widget that uses the particular action



If you set Client to Trace you might be able to find out which widget causes these messages.

Here you can see we are currently using the line widget, that uses a deprecated action.

I am unsure if this will also work when searching for the mx-agent


Hope this helps