File upload - destination folder - SAP transfer

Hello, At best, I would like to be able to upload a document in mendix and access it via SAP.  I have implemented the file upload as described here.   Now I have a few questions. I am still new in the Mendix world. Does Mendix put the uploaded file in some folder so that you can access the document outside of mendix?  If yes, where can I find it? If no, is there a way to set this up ?Can I choose the path? Can this document also be transferred to SAP?  How do I do that ? It would be great if you could help me.   Greetings Jannik
1 answers
  1. The file will be stored in a table called FileDocument or a specilization of that.
  2. You could try and build a published webservice where you can retrieve those objects and view them in SAP via an API of some sorts. I am not familiar with SAP so don’t know its capabilities.
  3. Otherwise store the file in a base64 string and decode it on the SAP side for instance