Viewing the current user in the profile page

How can I display a FULL name and the other attributes of the entity of the current user? I use a microflow to store the name of the current user in the Entity attribute: $currentUser/Name This way I can get the username, but I need to get Full Name of the user I tried to add the the Xpath constraint [id = $CurrentUser] but it didn't work. Thank you in advance
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Hi, you can try to use a microflow:

1) Retrieve User from Database, Range= First and Xpath Constraint as [id = '[%CurrentUser%]'] 2) Show profile page, passing the User object as retrieved from

2) Next use a data view in your profile page. The data source is your entity (User) This worked for my application, hopefully it works for you too! :)


The data view in your profile page should be able to display the full name and all attributes of the entity depending on what you may choose to display