SCSS compile issue in 8 to 9 upgrade

​​​​​​Hello, We upgraded the app from 8 to 9 (Directly opened the 8.18.16 app in 9.6.6). In 8.18 we used to compile the scss using calypso. But after 9.6.6 upgrade, the css changes are not getting affected without compiling the scss. The folder structure of theme folder in 8.18 and 9.6  is different. Do we need to change any folder structure/ perform any other steps to make it work without compiling ?  
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Hi Vasanthi,

The folder structure is different from 8 to 9 versions. 

You can use the old folder (theme/styles/web/sass) structure if you want, but you need to compile using calypso. 

Or you can just use a new folder (themesource/atlas-core/web/...) structure.

No need for sass compilation for the new folder structure. 

Note: Download the latest Atlas_core module from the app store and map it to the theme folder. Please refer the below image


Yes, Mx8 to 9 made a big improvement. Styling is now for more incorporated into Mendix Studio, the folder structure has changed, it now facilitates per-module-styling, and you no longer need Calypso. Any change to a scss-file gets compiled by studio immediately.

Here is the manual for moving from Atlas 2 to 3:



this might help