Styling does not implement

I run my styling through Visual studio Code but it does not work. Has anyhting change since the new Mendix versions? It used to work. 
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It still works like a charm. If by ‘new’, you mean Mx9, yes, major change since Mx8. No more Calypso.

But since Mx9: no, there are no breaking changes.

VSCode is not even obligatory. You can use any text-editor. You can even use Mendix Studio Pro → Styling

As soon as you save any change you have made, using any text-editor, MxStudio parses this to the new styling and it becomes visible immediately.

Do make sure (which you probably have done several times already) that you have the correct folder and file(s) open in your text-editor.


Hi Melvin,

the 2 main reasons why custom CSS styling are not processed on the screens are:

  1. forgot to rebuild Mendix app when adding a style class via de Modeler.
  2. not adding !important after a styling for core widgets or elements (its not recommended to use !important but sometimes its the only way to get things done.)


Good luck with it,