404 - file not found for mxclientsystem/react/jsx-runtime.js

Hello,  I have began poking around creating some custom widgets. I managed to get the sample https://docs.mendix.com/howto/extensibility/create-a-pluggable-widget-one#4-read-more working fully. Next, I set out to extend the blank helloworld one by attempting to use Material UI https://mui.com and some of the packages they offer. When I try to import these packages and display a simple contained button seen here https://mui.com/components/buttons/, but am left with some issues that I am hoping are related to my file structure: import { Button  }  from '@mui/material/';     So I bundle ok with no errors, but Mendix hangs due to this error in the console: I am unsure if its my file structure or maybe my lack of knowledge around Mendix widgets.   Here is the file itself in the node_modules in the widget. Maybe I am importing incorrectly or it simply is not possible in this way?
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