Scheduling by MxAppFactory - Change headerDateFormat

Hi all, Recently I downloaded a widget from the Marketplace (Scheduling by MxAppFactory) and all is working pretty fine. I just struggle with changing the headerDateFormat in the properties of the widget. See the header below (in green). I would like to change the format to just the number of the day (1,2,3,4,5 etc).   In tab “UI”, I found the below property. Allthough it doesnt seem to work? And I dont know which date to put in to format?  Any thoughts on this? Do I misunderstand the purpose of this property? Or is it not working? These are the objects which are available in the widget page. View/Date is a date attribute, but its used for another purpose (first screenshot in blue). Let me know if anything is unclear. Thanks for your time! Regards, Tim
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