How does the Mendix Tooltip widget work?

I am looking for a Tooltip widget supported by Mendix. And I found the Widget that is supported by Mendix in version 9. But when I read de documentation I can not get it to work. How do I supply a key value for the text I would like to retrieve from the database. Other Widgets (not supported by Mendix) are clear to me. But the mendix widget is a complete question mark regarding this functionalitiy.
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Hi Bert, the tooltip widget supports setting the tooltip text using what’s called a “Text Template” property. The easiest way to use it is simply to enter the text you’d like displayed in the tooltip in that property, titled: “Tooltip”.

If you’d like it to display something dynamic, you need to place the widget inside a data view where there’s an attribute that has the text you’d like to display. In that case, you can use a parameter inside the Tooltip property like `{1}` and then set that to use the value of the attribute from your data view object.