How do i make a order groceries page for customer? and why is microflow not working?

Hello everyone, I am a German student and i need help with my app. I created overview and detail page for each: customer, order and products (groceries). After clicking on preview, i already added product list with prizes as well as customer data. my order page is a data view with the attributes: order_id, order_product, order_price. The customer should be able to order at least two products (i chose drop down, attribute enumeration). The problem is, how to make mendix relate the prize for the chosen product? The customer should not type it himself…  Also, I have problems with the microflow, it should calculate a sum of the order...   I only use Mendix Studio.   Thank you.
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Hi Sheela Klein,

I believe the problem is related with the domain model. 

For instance, the domain model should look like this one:

Check this link:


I hope it helps



Hi Sheela Klein,

Is you have two microflow to calculate sum and show the order price once you selected your order product from drop down.

  1. Keep your order product in drop down and connect it to an microflow using onChange action.
  2. In microflow update the price field based on the order selected by the user.
  3. Second microflow which you are already having is used to calculate the total sum of product.