How to keep updated modules under Marketplace modules?

I have multiple Marketplace modules that needs an update. But the Marketplace in Studio Pro 9.6.2 is “unable to load”. So I cannot click Download from within the Studio Pro. So I downloaded the newest version through the browser and then right click “App [name]” in the App Explorer and click Import Module Package. But then after updating the existing module, the module is not under Marketplace modules but as a normal module. AS you can imagine this could get messy in the App Explorer. How can I keep those marketplace modules under the correct tab?
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Unfortunately, that is not possible.

If not already existing, you should add this topic to the idea forum. It would be great If a developer could do this manually.


Yesterday I had the same challenge; downloading a module in 9, which was only suitable for 8.

My trick was;

  1. create (open it as I already have a project for this purpose) a Mx 8.18 project
  2. Download module → Ends up under your MP modules
  3. Export module package
  4. Import module in Mx 9 project
  5. Ends up in your mp modules :-D

Bummer! I will look if there is already a topic in the idea forum.

But do you know if the Marketplace in Studio Pro will be fixed? Because this would solve the problem as well (not if it is already updated I guess) but it will for future updates.