ListView in native mobile not scrolling.

Hi, I've been stuck on an issue with the List view widget in native mobile. The page size is set to 10 and it works perfectly fine (expanding when there are more than 10 objects and you've reached the bottom) in Mendix 8.17.0 (current production version). We recently upgraded to Mendix 9.6.2 to address performance issues, but along with this upgrade we noticed that both on Android and iOS the List view would no longer expand if the amount of eligible objects was larger than the page size. I've already tried placing the List view in a Scroll Container, as was suggested in other topics here on the forum, but this unfortunately doesn't help. Hopefully someone else has found a way to fix this (other than the Scroll Container). [Edit] I forgot to mention that the scrolling behavior works fine in the Make It Native 9 app, but in the actual app builds for Android and iOS the scrolling does not work.  
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Hey Dennis,

I'm interested to hear if you've created a ticket for this issue and if you've any updates on it?