Retrieve objects by XPAth

Hi all, I have a button ‘New’ that opens poplayout page. I want to keep the information of the first 2 objects everytime that I click the button.   Which function do I use in the XPath so that I retrieve always the two objects from the database? Thank you!
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Hi Andre,

With default behavior a new object is always created according to the “default value” rules defined in the entity. There’s no out-of-the-box way to create this new object by referencing the search values that you enter in the filters. If you wanted to do this, you could create a separate helper entity with attributes for your search fields, and use a microflow for your data grid’s source that filters the rows based on the filter values you specify. Having this search data in a helper entity will also allow you to access it when you call a microflow or nanoflow to create a new object, so that you can default the values to whatever the user has filtered.


  1. Create a helper entity with attribute for your search fields:
  2. Use a microflow for your data grid’s source that applies the filters. (Note the data grid with source “microflow.” The microflow is shown below. It returns a list of objects filtered according to the values of the attributes on the helper object)
  3. In the create button on the grid, use the search values. (Note that the “New (From Search)” button uses the values from the search attributes when creating the new object.

Here’s the behavior in action:




Hi André,

Not sure, but maybe this is what you are looking for?