Mendix App Backup

Hi all, This is very urgent ticket , I am changing my laptop due to some issues , all the apps developed my me are in my old laptop , do I need to move all apps to new laptop or they are stored in cloud (developer portal) , most of the apps are office use .  BR , Sarthak
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Hi Sarthak,

Commit all your latest changes by using  Top Menu Version Control->Commit. This will save your latest changes on the cloud. When you open your Apps on your new laptio, it will download from the cloud automatically.





Go to your Mendix Studio Pro. Goto menu App → Show App Directory in Explorer



It opens The Windows File Explorer. Go one directory up. Copy this entire directory to an external disk. Also, take a copy of all versions of Studio Pro < version 7 in case you have projects of version 6.x and below. 

This will also backup the apps that are not committed or already removed from the team server.

P.s. the copy will take some time as there are many files.