System.WorkflowContext Not found

Hi, I have recently added workflow commons module into my project to start learning the workflow configuration. I am surprised that when I started creating my EmployeeOnBoarding entity and looking for WorkflowContext from the system it is not there. I can only see Workflow and WorkflowTask. Can anybody share your thoughts why it is not there?     As per documentation:  
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You need to select “Workflow”, complete guid should be on



Please use Studio Pro 9.5 or earlier 9.X version (recommended)

If you want to use version 9.6 or 9.7,
Mendix redesigned the Domain Model of WorkFlow
Need to change to the following practices:

1. When adding a new Workflow, the system will automatically create a “WorkflowWorkflow” Entity
     You can also create it yourself, or rename it
2. Create a EmployeeOnBoarding entity and set a 1:1 association with WorkflowWorkflow
3. In Workflow, you can set the "WorkflowContext" parameter to "EmployeeOnBoarding”


Thank you for your help. I have followed Quang Nhat Tran suggestion and it works. I can now move forward with the training guide.

@Danny – Thank you for your suggestion, it will be nice to try your solution but at the moment I am working for version 9.6. I will try in my next activity and I will let you know.