I think the Custom string widget is causing this warning DEPRECATED: logger, use mx.logger instead -- will be removed in version: 11.0.

Hi All We are trying to upgrade to version 9.6. We have updated all of our widgets except custom string.    We use the custom string widget in our layouts. There is no context, so we need a microflow to get the ‘Company’ from the registered user to show information related to the specific company.   I can’t find the custom sting widget anywhere in the market place, it looks like it has been Deprecated. How can i update this widget OR is there a similar widget i can use that does the same thing.   Regards, Patrick
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You are right that CustomString has been deprecated.

A work around could be to use a DataSource microflow in a DataView, and in the DataView use either the built in Text widgets, or FormatString from the Marketplace to output the text.

Hope this helps.