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Hi all, As per the documentation, synchronization is automatically triggered during the following events: The initial startup of your mobile app The first startup of your mobile app after your Mendix app is redeployed when the following conditions are matched: There is a network connection You are using a new Mendix version or the domain model used in the offline-first app has changed After the app user logs in or out   We encounter problems with the synchronization of data after the user logs in for the first time. There’s a lot of data that needs to be synchronized to the native application. We allready narrowed the data that needs to be synchronized by using xpaths in the synchronization configuration. When users try to use the application after they log in for the first it seems that not all data has been synchronized yet, so they encounter errors like ‘undefined is not an object’ because the object that needs to be shown on the page is not available yet.   Is there a way to counter this? Is there a way to block the user from using the native application while the first synchronization process is still ongoing? Or is there a way to make visible to the user that the background synchronization is still ongoing?   Thanks in advance for your replies!   Jan-Willem
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The sync should be done when the splash screen disappears and the homepage is shown. Are you sure the error you are seeing has got nothing to do with access rights, or nanoflow logic? I also assume you don't have any special synchronisation processes running other than the default sync?