OData getList error

Hi There, I am new to Mendix - SAP integration, I am following the Mendix learning path. Also, referred to the Mendix documentation This is my microflow, But it showing errors like  CE0126 - Missing value - parameter 'result info' of call java action activity 'Get list' Find below screenshot for reference,     And I have attached the screenshot of each activity’s properties Create Request Params’s properties     Add Basic Authentication’s Properties     Get list activity’s properties   Full Query is    @GWSAMPLE_BASIC.GWSAMPLE_BASIC + '/' + toString(GWSAMPLE_BASIC.EntitySetNames.SalesOrderSet)   I hope that, I followed the learning path very well. Am I doing anything wrong?. 
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scroll down “GetList” action and select “ResultInfo” as empty.


Have you noticed the scroll bar in the Get List activity? Is there a ‘result info’ parameter there if you scroll down?

UPDATE: I see that Gaurav Shah has posted the same, but with the a helpful screenshot. This is where the problem is.