Issue in installing pluggable-widget-tools Package

Hi, I am trying to build a switch-web pluggable widget for a web app by the following doc, ( I have taken the source code and followed the procedure to build a pluggable widget as per the doc. I tried to run the following command npm run pretest:e2e in the Mendix widget folder to initialize the Mendix project. Got the following error,   I skipped the above command and I run the following command npm run build in the packages\pluggableWidgets\switch-web widget folder. I got the following error,             ‘Pluggable-widgets-tools’ is not recognized as an internal or external command.   So, I tried to install an npm install @mendix/pluggable-widgets-tools package, by default, it is taking @mendix/piw-utils-internal. The error I got was, on the npm registry website there is no such package.  As per the link, ( that directory package name was changed to @mendix-cn/piw-utils-internal. Could anyone please help? Thanks, Regards, Angelin Sarah
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Hi Angelin,

Did you already have a look at the pluggable widget howto (

Hope this helps!